Executive Chef Alberto

Executive Chef Alberto fires up another one of his Italian masterpieces behind the line in La Luce’s kitchen.

Megan and Executive Chef Alberto

Megan and Executive Chef Alberto mix culinary expertise with teamwork while creating the finest in Italian dishes for their La Luce guests.


Shirley adds a zest of fresh Parmesan.

Joe and Candice

Joe and Candice work together to take care of each guest and to create an unforgettable Italian fine-dining experience.


Jason prepares the fresh toppings for La Luce’s famous homemade pizza.

Stefano Introducing Stefano: Vino Buono, Cibo Buono, Amici Bouni, all brought to you by native Italian at La Luce.


Tony blends crisp cocktails and refreshing wines, along with La Luce’s spirited atmosphere, to create a memorable evening for all guests.Cheers!


Stephanie bakes the finest fresh daily breads and dinner rolls, which as every true Italian knows, accentuates the perfect meal.



Megan whisks a delicious combination of rich sauce and good cheer into everything she prepares for La Luce guests.


Jason seasons and spices with a smile in preparation for another lively dinner service inside the La Luce kitchen.

Rabie, director of restaurants, Stefan and Rusty

Rabie, director of restaurants, together with Stefan and Rusty prepare linens and cutlery as dinner prep unfolds at La Luce.

Rachel and Vicki

Rachel and Vicki show friendly competition as they ensure every last detail is polished to perfection.

Rabie, director of restaurants

Rabie, director of restaurants, pauses to express his pride for his team and all who visit La Luce to experience the finest Italian dining in a whole new light.

Shirley, Dannilo, Alberto

Delicious family-style Italian starts with dedicated family-style teamwork, as Shirley, Dannilo, and Alberto prepare the evening’s dishes in the La Luce kitchen.

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