Our Family

For some, running a restaurant is business. For General Manager Rachel Kapelner, it’s her calling. With over 15 years in the hospitality industry and eight years with Hilton, Rachel understands that the industry is ultimately a people business and the key to success is to make positive connections with guests and associates. She is passionate about food and wine, training and developing her La Luce team, and providing exceptional service to all guests.

Executive Chef Alberto fires up another one of his Italian masterpieces behind the line in La Luce’s kitchen.

Shirley adds a zest of fresh Parmesan.

Dilobar and Stefano work together to take care of each guest and to create an unforgettable Italian fine-dining experience.

Debra blends crisp cocktails and refreshing wines, along with La Luce’s spirited atmosphere, to create a memorable evening for all guests. Cheers!

Stefan and Lindsay show friendly competition as they ensure every last detail is polished to perfection.